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December 23, 2009

December Holiday Lessons Christmas Lesson Plans Chanukah Winter Ideas

December Holiday Lessons Christmas Lesson Plans Chanukah Winter Ideas.

This Beautifully presented Educational Activity Pack consists of not one, but FIVE of Hans Christian Anderson’s Well-Loved Tales.

Included within the pack:

  • MP3 Audio File for the Little Match Girl
  • Lesson Plans for all 5 of the stories
  • Mini-booklets for each story
  • Lesson Plans and Resources for Each Story
  • 7 Self-extracting The Little Match Girl Jigsaw Puzzles
  • A Comprehensive 142 Pg Curriculum-Based eBook including Teaching Plans, Resources, Activities
  • Reading Comprehension Worksheets reproducible for Each of the 5 Stories
  • Hans Christian Anderson Biography and Lesson Plan
  • Christmas Themed Colouring In and Activity Book for Very Little People.
  • Complete 12 Days of Christmas Activity Book including Sheet music Lyrics and notepaper.

View the Entire Package at Currclick. This is an exceptional Gift for any child or educator since it includes reading comprehension and evaluation, grammar exercises, vocabulary, critical thinking skills, handwriting exercises, creative writing, phonics and more…. Can be adapted for very young to the much older learner.

For younger learners I have included a colouring and activity book to keep them occupied during the periods between lessons.

The initial Download will be the 142 Page Activity Book.  There will be a separate link for the download of the Bonus Boxed Gift Pack which includes additional activity books, puzzles, and the audio book.

Within this particular book also are the entire stories together with Suggested Activities for the Following Stories by HC Anderson, together with resources, links and lesson plans, including a lesson plan and information on Anderson himself:
1. The Ugly Duckling
2. The Little Mermaid
3. The Emperor’s New Clothes
4. The Darning Needle
6. Summation and Review

AND If that is Not Enough………  🙂

Are you looking for December Holiday Lesson Plans? Here is a selection of activities, ideas, suggestions, coloring pages, games, and links for Christmas Lesson Plans and December Holidays. Also includes Chanukah, Kwaanza, New Years, and the Winter season in general.
Christmas Tongue Twisters: Everyone knows “She sells seashells on the sea shore.” But tongue twisters are fun and educational any time of year.Start your lesson with these Christmas Tongue Twisters. Remember to teach your students about the literary device called alliteration. Then let them loose to creative festive tongue twisters of their own.

Extend the lesson by asking your students to illustrate a tongue twister or two. Let them use a dictionary and/or thesaurus to kick their twisters up to the next level of complexity.

  • Crazy kids clamor for candy canes and Christmas cookies.
  • Toy trains travel and toot along the track.
  • Hal had happy holiday holly.
  • Prancer presents pumpkin pies and presents.
  • Chilly children cheer and chant.
  • Tiny Tim trims the tallest tree with tons of terrific tinsel.
  • Red-nosed Rudolph romps readily ’round ruby wreaths.
  • Blitzer bobbles a billion brilliant bells.
  • Santa’s super sleigh slips so swiftly through the snow.
  • Ten tiny toy soldiers tinker with twenty toy trains.
  • Santa’s stuffed sack sags and slumps.
Journal writing, at least three times per week, is an important part of any Language Arts program in elementary school.These Christmas writing topics will inspire your students to write about the festive and seasonal ideas that are on our minds every December.

Christmas Journal Writing Topics

  • What does it mean to have the “holiday spirit”?
  • Why do you think red and green are the Christmas colors?
  • What are you and your family most grateful for this holiday season? Write about three or more things.
  • Describe what you know about the North Pole. Describe a typical day for the elves.
  • Take five minutes to draw your family celebrating the holidays. Then write in detail about your traditions. Use your five senses to describe the celebration’s tastes, looks, smells, and textures.
  • Tell about how each member of your family contributes to your Christmas traditions.
  • If Christmas is one of your favorite holidays, describe why you enjoy it so much. Are there any parts of the holiday that you don’t like? If you don’t enjoy Christmas the most, how do you think it could be made better?
  • What is your favorite Christmas book? Describe the plot and your reactions to it.
  • What are your wishes for the world this holiday season?
  • Use your imagination to describe Santa’s journey with his reindeer. Start from the moment he packs up the sleigh to when he returns back to the North Pole.
  • Do you wish Christmas was every day of the year? Why or why not?
  • Pick three New Year’s Resolutions. Describe why you picked them and how you will accomplish them.


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