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December 24, 2009

The Origins of American Christmas Traditions

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The Christmas Tree. Hanging Stockings. Christmas Cards. Caroling. Santa Claus. Gift Giving. Eggnog. The Yule Log…. actualy the list is endless

Do you know where these traditions came from? Are you someone that believes they’ve simply “always existed” and is something we, as a Nation have always done every year around December 24th? Or do you believe that we simply “created” them ourselves?

If you are, then you really don’t know the history of Christmas traditions. Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do when the snow begins to fall and the air becomes oh so chilly?

There is a reason we perform every single Christmas tradition we know today. And some of them may not be why you think!

Throughout these pages, you will discover why certain Christmas traditions are performed every year, and where exactly in the world they came from. Here’s a secret you may not know. . . .Many of the Christmas traditions we use to celebrate the National Holiday in the USA didn’t even originate in that country! Hard to believe? Well, it’s 100%, without a doubt F-A-C-T.

Guess what else? Christmas almost didn’t exist in the USA! Seriously~!! For real 🙂

Yep, it’s true. In fact, some of the earliest “Powers That Be” did not believe in the Holiday because of its origins.

Now you might be thinking, “How Can That Be?? Surely That Isn’t The Case At All. Someone Must Be Misinformed About This Sacred Holiday!”

I can assure you that someone IS misinformed about this holiday. And, it could be you. Or someone you know that doesn’t understand the true history behind Christmas and the traditions that surround our most sacred of holidays.

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly where it all began and how we celebrate the Christmas holiday today is a result of our past?

Well, you’re going to read about the whole thing. Right here and now within this page. So sit back, grab a cup of your favorite Holiday beverage, and prepare yourself to discover The History of The American Christmas and its Traditions!

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Christmas: Where It All Began

Christmas. The word itself inspires feelings of joy and good will towards our fellow man. A day when the greatest gift in the entire world was bestowed upon us from Heaven.

When you think of the name “Christmas”, what immediately comes to your mind? The birth of Jesus Christ? Yes, traditionally, that is what we believe is the reason behind the Christmas holiday and celebration. The birth of Jesus Christ. I mean goodness sake! His name is in the word itself!

But is that really where the beginning of the Christmas holiday comes from? Or is it somewhere else? Would you believe that it is indeed rooted somewhere else?!

Centuries before Christ was born there was a group of people who celebrated something they called “The Winter Solstice”. In this celebration, early Europeans would gather together and rejoice that the worst part of the Winter Season was passing and that they had managed to survive another harsh, cold Winter. And also, that they could begin enjoying longer days. In other words, this was a celebration of light itself. And life as well.

This celebration of light and survival would take place around December 21st or the 22nd every year. And, depending on the calendar shift, it could occur anywhere between December 20th to the 23rd. Pretty close to the time when we traditionally celebrate our Christmas holiday, wouldn’t you agree?

Indeed, all across the European countryside, the end of December was an ideal time to have a celebration due in most part because cattle were slaughtered so that they would not have to be fed throughout Winter. And for lots of people, this would be one of the only times throughout the entire year that they would have access to fresh meat.

Not only this, but most beverages consumed, such as beer and wine, cultivated throughout the year had finished the fermentation cycle and was ready to be consumed. Beer and burgers? Now if that isn’t a party, I don’t know what is! J

One last thing to mention is that in Germany, during this time, many people would pay tribute to the pagan god Oden. Now, long ago, many Germans who believed in this god were extremely afraid of him. The reason for this is because they believed that Oden would make “nightly rounds” to check up on his people, deciding who would thrive and who would, well, not. Due to this, many German people would stay indoors with their families.

To be truthful, many different cultures celebrated this time of year. Not just Winter Solstice and praising Oden. Romans later celebrated Saturnalia, the god of agriculture. Guess what his birthday was? December 25th.

As you can see, there are lots of similarities in the way in which we celebrate Christmas. Small, yes, but similar nonetheless.

So, even before Jesus Christ was born, we have groups of people in entire countries celebrating around a specific time frame during the winter months.

For more on the traditions, the reasoning behind what and how we celebrate today please visit Currclick for a fully Comprehensive eBook explaining in simple terms everything our kids want to ask.  Ideal teaching resource.


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