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March 19, 2010

Free eBooks From NAP: Understanding Climate’s Influence; The Threat of Near Earth Objects; MP3 Audio/Video

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Free from NAP Free PDFs Free Video Free Audio More Free
Dear Subscriber, We have so much free content to offer you this week that it won’t fit in one e-mail! View the highlights below, and then check out the entirety of our free resources here.
Free PDF
The National Academies Press offers several books that are available to download absolutely free in their entirety. There is no catch, no gimmick, and no time limit. The entire PDF book is yours to keep.

Understanding Climate's Influence on Human Evolution Understanding Climate’s Influence on Human Evolution

The hominin fossil record documents a history of critical evolutionary events that have ultimately shaped and defined what it means to be human, including the origins of bipedalism; the emergence of our genus Homo; the first use of stone tools; increases in…

Envisioning the 2020 Census Envisioning the 2020 Census

Planning for the 2020 census is already beginning. This book from the National Research Council examines several aspects of census planning, including questionnaire design, address updating, non-response follow-up, coverage follow-up, de-duplication of…

An Enabling Foundation for NASA's Space and Earth Science Missions An Enabling Foundation for NASA’s Space and Earth Science Missions

NASA’s space and Earth science program is composed of two principal components: spaceflight projects and mission-enabling activities. Most of the budget of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) is applied to spaceflight missions, but NASA identifies nearly…

These are only a few of the 14 new free PDFs available. Find the full list here.

Free Video
nutrition Distinctive Voices @ the Beckman Center
Public Policy in Nutrition: Where Does Science Fit In?
Joanne Lupton (IOM), Texas A&M University

Discover the science behind public policy in nutrition from the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) to the Dietary Guidelines to green “smart” checkmarks and health claims on food packaging. How science-based are the recommendations and who makes the decisions?

pluto Distinctive Voices @ the Beckman Center
The Case for Pluto
Alan Boyle, MSNBC

Discovered because of a mistake, Pluto was a planet that turned out not to be a planet at all, thanks to a still-disputed decision made in 2006. Join us for an engrossing tale of the ups and downs of Pluto, its strange appeal, the reasons behind its demotion, and the reasons why it should be set back in the planetary pantheon.

Free Audio
sounds.jpg The Sky Is Falling; The Threat of Near Earth Objects
The US spends approximately $4 million each year searching for near-Earth objects to detect those that may collide with Earth. What is the true threat that we are facing and what can we do about it?
sounds.jpg Getting Better Health Care for Your Buck
We now have the tools and knowledge necessary to improve the performance of the US health care system and reduce costs. Kevin Finneran, Editor-in-Chief of Issues in Science and Technology, discusses some of the strategies we could take.
Engineering Innovation March Madness for the Mind
The National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance will soon be holding its March Madness for the Mind, a project that awards innovation and inspires entrepreneurship.
More Free Resources

Understanding Climate's Influence on Human Evolution Understanding Climate’s Influence on Human Evolution
Wednesday, March 31, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm, Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC

Join us for a panel discussion on the National Research Council’s report entitled “Understanding Climate’s Influence on Human Evolution”.

Environmental Film Festival
Every March, the DC Environmental Film Festival presents a diverse selection of quality environmental films. CPNAS will participate in the Festival for the first time this year with Division Street and Last Call for Planet Earth. Panel discussions will follow both films.
The Value of Genetic and Genomic Technologies Workshop The Value of Genetic and Genomic Technologies Workshop
March 22, 2010 – 8:00 AM, Beckman Center, Irvine, CA
This public workshop will examine the perceived value of genetic and genomic technologies, both present and future, in clinical practice from different stakeholder perspectives.This workshop will build on the concepts of clinical utility, personal utility, public utility, and economic value, and explore these different types of value through questions and discussion.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health Issues and Research Gaps and Opportunities Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health Issues and Research Gaps and Opportunities
March 22, 2010 – 9:30 AM, Washington, DC
Day one of the second meeting of the Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health Issues and Research Gaps and Opportunities will be open to the public and feature presentations from LGBT health researchers.
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