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May 17, 2010

#CurrClick Weekly Freebies, Specials, Downloads #Homeschool #Teachers

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In keeping with Currclick’s wonderful promotion, we have also also reduced every single one of our 119 titles (excl. bundles) to $2,00 and less – that is a saving of between 50% and 90% the duration of this promotion which will end on 31 May 2010, so be on the lookout for them :D)

Please feel free to browse through our catalogue of titles, bear in mind that many of the workbooks/teaching resources are more than a 100 or 200 pages long so the full document is not always able to be previewed. I assure you though that you will not find value for your money in too many other places.

Since I’m a single homeschooling Mom, I’m always looking for bargains and freebies, and quality and exceptional educational resources that I can use in our curriculum, so I would like to pass this opportunity to share with you what we have created from what we have learned. I know how tough it is to raise a family alone, and how much work effort and research goes into producing a quality book that can be downloaded AND is curriculum based and which can be used for practically the whole of elementary school – over and over again… May is the Month for Mothers (I like all the M’s)

I would really like to take this opportunity of thank those of you who have downloaded and/or purchased my products in the past. As always I am open to constructive criticism and suggestions on anything additional you would like to see in the workbooks, or anything you think should be omitted.

With sincere and heartfelt thanks for your support, As always, best wishes to you and your family

Donnette Davis

St Aiden’s Homeschool

Proud to have one of our Titles featured once again this week – Thank you so very much!
Learning About DInosaurs
by St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa

Curriculum in a click! Affordable curriculum, lapbooks, and homeschooling resources

CurrClick Weekly Newsletter

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productEduScraps History Book One 1900-1919
by Sharon Crooks

“Eduscraps is a creative way for students to dive deep into a subject, exploring it, reading about it, writing about it and documenting it for future reference. When kids create a product using the resources by Sharon Crooks, it becomes a treasure forever. This keepsake is something that they can be proud of, rather than just worksheets to fill in and toss away. This is the finest kind of learning. Sharon Crooks uses her imagination and enthusiasm to foster those same qualities in her students”.

-Carol Mader, President, Publishers Association of North Alabama
Editor in Chief, Real News for Real Kids


Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleLearning About DInosaurs
by St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa

Aimed at homeschooling parents and educators this 267 Page book contains adequate information and lesson plans for a year for younger learners. The book may be previewed in its entirety within the Flash Player on this site. It is compiled in A4 format and UK English although some terms have been provided in both UK and US English. Your child will gain a basic understanding of dinosaurs and some of the events that happened in their time. Of all the creatures that have walked this Earth, few have captured our imagination and fed our desire for knowledge like the dinosaurs have. Included inter alia in this book are Fast Fact Fun Sheets Flash Cards / Sight Words Writing Assignments Paper Crafts Wordsearches Mazes Crossword Q & A Dinosaur Dictionary activity sheets for each dinosaur No less than 50 lesson plans, teacher/parent resources, including references & multimedia Dinosaur Playdough Craft Colour Pictures and Dot-to-Dot Extensive Research material for Educators and Parents

Retail Price: $4.95 Our Price: $2.00

Featured TitleAl Capone Does My Shirts: A Novel-Ties Study Guide
by Learning Links

This Novel-Ties study guide accompanies Al Capone Does My Shirts, the story of a twelve-year old boy who moves to Alcatraz Island when his father is appointed as a guard. He has to contend with his extraordinary environment and hi autistic sister.

This Novel-Ties guide is a teacher/student literature unit organized in chapter-by-chapter format. There are pre-reading activities, vocabulary activities, comprehension questions, writing activities, literary devices, graphic organizers, cross-curricular connections, and post-reading activities. A summary and answer key are provided for the teacher.

Our Price: $16.95

Featured TitleThe Scarlet Letter: LitPlan Teacher Pack
by Teacher’s Pet Publications, Inc.

A foundation of materials for teaching a work of literature, LitPlan Teacher Packs from Teacher’s Pet Publications have everything you need for a complete unit of study. Download, print, and teach. Developed and used by respected teaching professionals, these manuals incorporate the IRA/NCTE standards with practical, proven methods of teaching and assessing students’ learning on a variety of levels. The straight-forward format of the manuals makes them useful for whole-class book study, lit circles or book groups, tutoring, and independent study projects. Includes study questions, quizzes, unit tests, daily lessons, vocabulary, writing assignments, activities and games, review materials, and more materials than you will be able to use in one unit – all organized, planned, and ready-to-teach.

Our Price: $16.95

Introducing the Young Authors Publishing Program

We all want our children to write. Whats more, we want them to write well and to enjoy writing. We spend hundreds of dollars on writing curricula and writing classes. We encourage our children to produce cute stories with hand-drawn pictures for Grandmas birthday. We applaud our teens for writing a novel in a year or a short story in a semester. But, what do we do with their words? Fantasies languish beside mysteries on the hard drive. Fiction becomes historical on our laptops before we get around to reading it. What reason is there for the reluctant writer to craft an interesting story if no one is going to read it?

The best motivation for kids to write is to see their words turned into an actual book that can be purchased by grandparents and friends. The Young Authors Publishing Program, exclusively by Codex Publishing, is designed to take a teens or childs written words and turn them into a physical book.

Turn the work of your heart into a work of art to be shared with your family and friends.

Our goal is for kids and teens (through age 18) to be encouraged to keep expressing themselves through the written word. We want to make the dream of publishing a book attainable for every teen/child author.

The very first step in the publishing process is to revise and edit the finished manuscript. It has been said that great literature is not written, its rewritten. A book is never done after the first draft.

The next step is to choose one of the Young Authors Publishing Programs plans. We have two basic plans available, as well as additional components that may be added to enhance the book. The Tolkien Plan is FREE. It includes basic formatting, a glossy cover with a stock image or your own image, and a one-year contract. The book will be listed on the Codex Publishing Web site as well as on the CurrClick Web site. Oh, you will also receive twenty percent royalties on the net profits. You may add an ISBN number, a light edit, a one-page critique, or a custom-designed cover for additional fees.

The Shakespeare Plan is not free, but in addition to the basic formatting, one year contract, twenty percent royalties, and listings on the Codex Publishing and CurrClick Web sites, it includes an ISBN number, a full professional edit, a one-page critique, and a free soft-cover copy of the book. The book will also be listed on Amazon.

Need help deciding between plans? Is the manuscript error free? Does she want her book to be available on just a few Web sites? Then the Tolkien Plan is her best choice. Additional items to complement the Tolkien Plan include an ISBN number, a light edit, and/or a one-page, in-depth critique. If you teen has her heart set on a custom-designed cover, you may purchase one with either plan. Could the manuscript benefit from a thorough copyedit (more in-depth than the light edit available for purchase with the Tolkien plan), including comments to improve it? Does your teen want his book to be featured in the Codex newsletter and posted on Amazon? Does he want an ISBN included? Then the Shakespeare Plan is his best choice. When you choose either plan, you can download our exclusive Publishing Guide right away that will answer all of your questions.

~ Bethany LeBedz, for the Codex team
The Young Authors Program by Codex
Codex Publishing

Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekOne Page Critique Addition to the Tolkien Plan
by The Young Authors Program by Codex

The critique is a one-page (at least) document written by a professional editor who will suggest ways to improve your manuscript. This could include moving paragraphs, suggesting how to use a consistent voice, pointing out inconsistensies in the plot, suggesting a different order for chapters, and more.

Our Price: $50.00

New at CurrClick

Thanks to the CurrClick Publishers who participated in our Mother’s Day 5 Days of Freebies!

A Godly Legacy Publishing Brandenburg Studies Creative Learning Connection

Golden Apple Academy Homeschool Curriculum for Life Inglés 360°

Koumi Book Learning Links LightHome Publications

Living Books Curriculum Motherboard Books My Favorite Things

St Aiden’s Homeschool Science Jim Scripture Adventures

Teacher’s Pet Publications Time~n~Destiny Publishers Unit Studies by Gwen

We Appreciate You!

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Publisher Product Discounts

36317-thumb100.jpgCopying the Poems: The Voice of Spring – ZB 3-A
by Bogart Family Resources
Normal Price: $4.95 Discount Price: $2.47

Our popular Copying the Hymns: The Voice of Spring copywork title is now available in our ZB 3-A level! Are you one of the parents who’s contacted us looking for more cursive copywork? Well here it is! 25 ready to print and use lessons are included with 1/2″ line spacing, a Zaner-Bloser style cursive font, and line-by-line models. Three full-length classic Spring poems for children, and four related KJV Bible verses are included. At the special introductory price of only $2.47, this is less than $0.10 per lesson! Check out our preview – this may be the copywork book you’ve been waiting for!

36880-thumb100.jpgEYCSAM Program & Software
by Help Your Child Succeed
Normal Price: $26.00 Discount Price: $17.00

Surveys consistently reveal there is one subject that causes more distress for children (and parents) than any other – MATH! It is absolutely crucial that your child develops a positive attitude to Math right from the start. Our Math Program ‘Ensure Your Child Succeeds At Math’ and Software is designed to do just that. Children are introduced to all the basic Math concepts through creative play, games, tasks and open ended challenges that not only ensure learning is hugely enjoyable and fun but also ‘accelerated’ compared to more traditional methods. In fact this program has been used as a ‘catch-up’ for parents who failed to grasp math concepts the first time round and thought they were simply ‘hopeless cases’! We want everyone to benefit from the years of research and development behind the creation of this program and so we are offering a special discounted price of $17 (normally $27) for the program and software combined. There is a warning though – this program is only for parents who wish to actively involve themselves in their child’s learning. Remember the clock is ticking.

36857-thumb100.gifThe Banjo – Instrument Study Series
by homeschool bits
Normal Price: $1.00 Discount Price: $0.50

Study a Unique Instrument! Learn about the banjo. This is part of the Instrument Study Series by homeschool bits. This is an informational study, along with a simple, but optional lapbook, coloring pages, diagrams, and suggested websites. You do not have to create the lapbook to benefit from this unit. 20 pages. Many more instrument studies to come in this series!

32466-thumb100.jpgExtreme Weather Lapbook
by Time~n~Destiny Publishers
Normal Price: $5.00 Discount Price: $2.50

We’re in the stormy season! Take advantage of this special half-price sale to make a creative lapbook that will teach your kids about thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes. It also includes two Bible stories that show how God is in control of the storms and why we don’t have to be afraid when the heavens rumble!

Newest Free Products

37030-thumb100.jpgFree Your Weekly Journal May 17-23 – from Connect The Thoughts
by Connect the Thoughts

A free weekly journal, available this week on CurrClick! A week’s worth of curricula for students ages 9-adult. Each day the student learns about interesting things that are happening on that day, or that have happened on that day in history. They are …

37031-thumb100.jpgFree Your Weekly Journal May 17-23 – from 1st Step
by 1st Step

A free weekly journal, available this week on CurrClick! A week’s worth of curricula for students ages 6-8. Each day the student learns about interesting things that are happening on that day, or that have happened on that day in history. They are provide…

37028-thumb100.gifWhat Did You Say? Bookmarks Freebie! #3
by homeschool bits

This What Did You Say? Bookmarks Freebie! #3 would make a great companion to our lessons titled What Did You Say? A Fun Mini Lesson! #3 Check it out… only 50 CENTS! These are five different sayings and phrases, and their meanings. You ca…

37026-thumb100.gifWhat Did You Say? Bookmarks Freebie! #2
by homeschool bits

This What Did You Say? Bookmarks Freebie! #2 would make a great companion to our lessons titled What Did You Say? A Fun Mini Lesson! #2 Check it out… only 50 CENTS! These are five different sayings and phrases, and their meanings. You ca…

37024-thumb100.gifWhat Did You Say? Bookmarks Freebie! #1
by homeschool bits

This What Did You Say? Bookmarks Freebie! #1 would make a great companion to our lessons titled What Did You Say? A Fun Mini Lesson! #1 Check it out… it’s FREE! These are five different sayings and phrases, and their meanings. You can us…

Newest Products

37050-thumb100.jpg1st Step Starter Living Your Life V – Making Plans
by 1st Step
Price: $30.00 $20.00

The first course in Starter (age 6, early literacy) Living Your Life. Making Plans teaches the young student how to do exactly that! They learn what a project and a goal are, and how to make a plan with steps that will get them to their goal.&…

37049-thumb100.jpgAncient Mesopotamia: The Land Between the Rivers
by Live and Learn Press
Price: $24.00

It is said that those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it. What better place to begin learning about the past than in ancient Mesopotamia? Join us as we find out about the Assyrians, Babylonians, and more. We will to…

37048-thumb100.pngAll About Fireworks Mini Books
by The Whole Word Publishing
Price: $1.99

Come learn all about fireworks! This pack is all you need for learning about fireworks. This would be great for making a lapbook on fireworks. You will learn: What are fireworks and what is a firecracker, where did firecrackers originate from, about t…

36889-thumb100.jpgThe Louisa Alcott Reader
by Freehold2 Editions
Price: $12.00 $5.00

If you liked Little Women, this is the reader for you! Designated a “Supplementary Reader for the Fourth Year of School,” the Louisa Alcott Reader is a collection of cautionary tales for the young person. This text was lovingly restored for use in …

36893-thumb100.jpgThe Tailor of Gloucester
by Freehold2 Editions
Price: $6.95 $2.50

Beatrix Potter wrote The Tailor of Gloucester over a hundred years ago, but it still speaks to children of all ages today. The story of a tailor who falls ill when he is rushing to sew a very important coat for a very important person, it is sure to de…

Newest Featured Reviews

35599-thumb100.gif America’s Monuments, Symbols, & National Parks Copywork & Fun! Volume 4
by homeschool bits
Price: $0.50

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (from Heart of the Matter Team)

Our countries great monuments are fascinating and most kids are enthralled by their grandeur and what they are and why they were made. But sometimes when our kids ask those questions we, as homeschoolers, think we much break out a huge unit study on this one thing that our child has asked us about. Well in Volume 4… America’s Monuments, Symbols, & National Parks Copywork & Fun! by Homeschool Bits gives you a little bit about five different monuments, symbols, or national parks. Volume 4… America’s Monuments, Symbols, & National Parks Copywork & Fun! is a great copy workbook. Homeschool Bits incorporated it for ages from kindergarten to 5th grade. It will fit simply into your homeschool day especially with the many different types of fonts and a choice of cursive or manuscript. Whichever you prefer and/or are currently working on with your children.

Homeschool Bits has 80 pages of inspiring questions and fact pages as well as copy work pages to help emphasize what your children are learning through this copywork and mini unit study e-book as well as word search puzzles and coloring pages for the younger children to accomplish during your study of Americas Monuments. This is so much more then just a copy workbook; it really is a mini unit study on five of our National Monuments.

I think Volume 4… America’s Monuments, Symbols, & National Parks Copywork & Fun! is a great addition to any homeschoolers curriculum. This can easily be added in as your penmanship for the day or an extra fun activity for your children to do on the side or even as a mini unit study. Dont forget to check out Americas Copywork volume 1, 2, 3 and 5 each for only $.50 or you can get the bundle of all 5 Americas Copywork volumes for just $2.50

I give this a 5 out of 5
HOTM Team, Kristin

36523-thumb100.jpgK-2 Weather
by Intellego Unit Studies
Price: $15.00 $10.95

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (from Heart of the Matter Team)

The K-2 Earth and Space Science: Weather is such a fun unit study and I have only begun to really work with it. From the moment I opened this unit study I realized that this was my kind of workbook. I like it when a company has written everything out for you and that is exactly what Intellego Unit Studies has done. First off this unit is in dramatic full color with beautiful graphics throughout the 81-page pdf. You will be awed at some of the wonderful graphics in the lesson.
Each chapter in K-2 Earth and Space Science: Weather includes video links and web site links to visit, which are incredibly updated on a regular basis so that you are not hitting your head against a wall opening dead links all the time. Along with the video links you will also have other hands on activities to do with your children for each chapter, printable activity pages and worksheet, comparisons charts, some art projects, discussions, some wonderful experiments which will help your kids to never forget the information they are going to be learning and dont forget those stunning full-color high resolution graphics, and there is so much more to this unit study.
One of the things I really liked about this e-book was at the beginning of each chapter there was a complete list of everything you will need to complete the chapter as well as an exhausted list after the table of contents. There is also no need to add books to this unit study and they do not give a list of books to read, however it is always best to pick up a book or two or three or so on at the library to read aloud to your children. At least in our home the library is a fun place to visit and we enjoy it a lot. K-2 Earth and Space Science: Weather is recommended for grades K- second. However, my daughter (pre-K) has been enjoying this one very much also.
Overall, I highly recommend K-2 Earth and Space Science: Weather. It is a complete study of the weather, clouds, storms and water cycle and you as well as your children will enjoy it immensely!
I give this a 5 out of 5
HOTM Team, Kristin

36581-thumb100.jpgMy Very Own Multiplication Chart!
by Triple G Academy
Price: $5.00 $2.00

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (from Heart of the Matter Team)

I have a child who is classic visual learner, seemingly memorizing everything in relation to colors and visual cues. When it comes to math concepts however, sometimes I struggle to find something that can help my visual learner in the best way possible. It seems that My Very Own Multiplication Chart by Angela Markum is my answer. Yes, this download contains the fill-in-the-boxes multiplication charts that math teachers everywhere use for teaching math facts. What is different in this download is that many of the charts are colored. For example, the 8-facts are a lovely lavender color, the 12-facts are aqua and all of these facts are on one large rainbow-colored box. Its simple, but to my visual learner, its brilliant. Maybe its one of those why didnt I think of that moments, but when I saw the colored charts I knew it was something that would help in our homeschool. Another great part of this download is that the charts continue through the 15-facts. I have always wondered why typical math curriculums only teach multiplication facts through the 12s, but I guess I digress. Anyway, this nifty download also has two charts listing the squares for the numbers 1 to 30. Again, why is it that multiplication facts are usually only taught through the 12-facts? The world may never know, but at least My Very Own Multiplication Chart download is trying to remedy multiplication boredom and ensure the world knows their multiplication facts in color and higher than the 12-facts. Four of five stars, with my only hesitation being the current price on HOTM Team, Pamela

36294-thumb100.jpgBirdcall Memory Game with Audio!
by My Favorite Things
Price: $0.99 $0.00

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (from Heart of the Matter Team)

We love watching birds during our homeschool day. The variety of birds that visit our little bird feeder is amazing. It seems that birds in your backyard are like hand-delivered science lessons, constantly challenge your knowledge while providing a lot of entertainment. We do have one problem, though. We arent always certain which bird we are watching. Even more of a problem is that we arent certain which bird we are hearing. Bird Call Memory by My Favorite Things is a great help! Its a very fun interactive download with pictures AND audio clips of eight common bird species. Click on each of the pictures to coordinate a bird image with the sound that bird species makes. Then to test your knowledge, click on the 16 boxes to hear bird calls alone. Try to match the sounds you hear into pairs, like a good old-fashioned card game of Concentration. Best of all, this download is free on For the fun and the price, I give Bird Call Memory five of five stars. One birdwatching technical side noteas a birdwatcher in the Western half of the United States, I was a bit disappointed to see several Eastern birds in the download such as the Northern Cardinal which would not be seen in my region. Even so, this download can still make education fun so I suppose if we ever take a trip back east, now we will know what a cardinal sounds like. HOTM Team, Pamela

32498-thumb100.jpgThe Death of A King Unit Study with Study Guide
by A Journey Through Learning
Price: $15.00 $4.00

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (from Heart of the Matter Team)

Breathe new life into the telling of Jesus life and resurrection! Death Of A King Study Unit is just the resource to help families learn new facts about this important event. The download is 81 pages long, neatly organized into short story summaries followed by worksheets for the kids that can reinforce the facts. Each of the kid pages are distinct and varied including straight question and answer sheets to lapbook-style flapbooks to using the internet to research who Pilate was and what he looked like. We liked labeling a Roman uniform and coloring a voting box when voting in front of Pilate. It was pages like these that gave us a fresh new look at a Bible story we have heard many times. Death of a King would be a wonderful unit to use anytime, but especially during the Easter week. Five of Five stars. HOTM Team, Pamela

CurrClick: Curriculum in a click! Affordable curriculum, lapbooks, and homeschooling resources


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