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July 10, 2009

Exploring Caves – St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa | CurrClick

“Exploring Caves” is an interdisciplinary set of materials on caves for grades K-3, but is easily adaptable to older learners. Caves entail at least five scientific disciplines: earth science, hydrology, mapping, biology, and anthropology.

Each of these disciplines involves a unique content area as well as the development of particular intellectual skills. This unit aims at helping teachers to sort and organize the most important ideas in this rich scientific area. Detailed lesson plans serve as ways to pass these ideas on to very young students.

Included in this book are crafting activities, paper folding, flashcards for each “new word” within each lesson, teaching plans, ideas and step-by-step lesson plans. There are 14 extremely comprehensive lesson plans, with additional activities for most that can be be divided into an additional twolesson plans each. That makes a total of around 36 lesson plans.

Covered in this book are inter alia the following: complete unit studies of individual aspects; literature arts; literature comprehension; vocabulary; science; geography; conservation; nature study; writing skills; revision skills; memory skills; Art & creativity.

Available for full preview at Currclick Publishers

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