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June 12, 2013

SA Carnival of Homeschooling Blogs | St Aiden’s Homeschool

SA Carnival of Homeschooling Blogs | | St Aiden’s Homeschool.


Since June 2011 when the first carnival was launched, South African homeschooling bloggers have had the opportunity to join a uniquely South African Homeschooling Blogging community in the form of a Blog Carnival. You can also join by filling in this form.

south african homeschool bloggers, sa carnival of homeschool bloggers

What is a blog carnival?


Simply, it is a selection of fantastic blog posts around a similar subject all hosted on one person’s blog. Other SA homeschooling bloggers send the host blogger a link to one of their own blog posts that is relevant to the topic. The host blogger then compiles a blog post that acts like a virtual magazine where each link leads the reader to another fantastic article, tidbit, photo spread or feature centred around a common theme and subject. In our case, the subject is home schooling and the themes differ from Carnival to Carnival.

via SA Carnival of Homeschooling Blogs | St Aiden’s Homeschool.



February 28, 2013

Calling all teachers, homeschoolers, parents, educators, this is for YOU! 83000+ FREE teaching printables

Calling all teachers, homeschooling families, parents and educators, this is for YOU!

Join me on Teachers Pay Teachers and download over 83000 – yes, 83000, free teaching reproducibles.

Lesson Plans, teaching materials and thousands of other original teacher/author created resources, for use in the classroom or homeschool environment.   All grades, right from Grade RR (In South Africa those are the tiny tots 2-3 years too early to be received into Grade R)

Are you a teacher/author?  Why not earn an additional income and sign up to sell your quality original materials?   Click here now, it takes 2 minutes to set up, start uploading and start selling.   You also get to benefit from the 83000+ free products that are available for you to download NOW.

via Store: Donnette-Davis –


“An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t”.


First Phonics for elementary school pdf download

The Christmas Story as Told in the Bible

and hundreds more to preview……….

April 24, 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers – 27830 Free Educational Downloads


From Paul Edelman, founder of TPT


This is our 100th 10 Free Downloads newsletter which means we’ve highlighted 1,000 great free downloads to help make your teaching life easier every week. To celebrate, I came up with a contest with $1,000 in prizes plus a $1,000 bonus for your favorite plus another $1,000 for our favorite. I guess that makes it $3,000 total!

The contest is to redesign our ‘It’s About Time’ banner, the one you see where we used to show ads. Here it is:

Your job is to make it even better. You can keep the same copy or create your own while maintaining the same or similar idea. The only acceptable size is 300×250 and you can post up to 3. Voting will end next Saturday, April 28th at Midnight PST. Submissions and voting happen on our Facebook Fan Page starting today. Here’s how:

The 10 banners who get the most LIKES on our Fan Page win $100 each and the one who gets the most LIKES wins a $1,000 bonus. We’ll then choose our favorite to place on the site and award that creator $1,000. We’ll reach out to all winners via FB to organize prize payouts. Spread the word on your blogs and have fun!

Paul Edelman
Founder, TeachersPayTeachers



Browse All
Novel Studies
The Hunger Games Poetry & Creative Writing Exercises
by Tracy Orman
Grades 6 – 12

Browse All
Persuasive Speech Matrix Rubric
by Mark Hecht
Grades 11-12

Browse All
Fun Stuff
Facebook Timeline Template
by Laura@ AskTheEnglishTeacher
Grades 7-12

Browse All
Math Test Prep
Socratic Circles Number Cards
by Lisa Tilmon
Grades 7-10

Browse All Math Centers
Spot the Imposter – Level 1 – A Warm-up Math Activity
by Teaching By Hart
Grades 4-8

Browse All Science
Flight Workbook – Using the Technology Process
by Top Notch Teaching
Grades 5-7

Browse All Grammar
Go Fish for Contractions
by Valerie Young
Grades 2-6

Browse All Geometry
Geometric Shape Sort: Drawing, Naming, and Counting Sides & Vertices
by Just Tinkerin’ Around!
Grades K-4

Browse All Printables
Friendly Letter Writing for the Primary Classroom – “Message Center”
by Fluttering Through First Grade
Grades K-1

Browse All Kindergarten
Place Value Rock
by Shuna P
Grades K – 3


December 3, 2011

Christmas Scrabble Word Game, Printable Christmas Games for Kids #Education #Homeschool

Christmas Scrabble Word Game

via Christmas Scrabble Word Game.

Printable Christmas Games, Christmas Scrabble Word Game

Children Learn by Play, and what better time than at Christmas when everything is madly exciting!  This game gives a whole new twist on the traditional board game of Scrabble.


Teaching your child phonics and phonemic awareness needn’t be dull and uninteresting. From a very early age your child will begin to recognise the shape and sound of letters, and be able to sound and associate the correct words to pictures shown. Once your child has learnt the alphabet a whole new world of fun learning experiences opens up to him or her.


I devised this Letter Tile game which worked wonderfully for my children when they were younger, and who, after successfully “spelling” out simple Dolch words with the letter tiles, pushed their own envelopes and sounded letters and words to pictures, thereby gaining awareness of more complex words and far advancing their initial knowledge. And the kids didn’t even know they were learning!


I have included 215 picture cards, all with a Christmas Theme,  blank cards with instructions on how to make your own, a storage envelope and 2 sheets of letter tiles, both upper and lower case, as well as educator notes on the importance of phonics and phonemic awareness.


Have fun!


Wishing you and yours a very safe and blessed Christmas and holiday season.


From St Aiden’s Homeschool
$5.99 $2.99

July 11, 2011

Squirrel Thematic Unit Study, Free Homeschool Printables

Squirrel Thematic Unit Study.



In compiling unit studies, the intention is not only to introduce little folk to these courageous (and oh! so very cute) creatures, but to educate future generations about conservation and how, if every one person did just one thing to help, it would go a very long way to conserving the natural habitat and indeed preserving the species

July 10, 2011

Teaching Your Child to Write, free Journals for Kids

Teaching Your Child to Write, free Journals for Kids.


I am mindful of the fact that children have the natural ability to learn, a curiosity and inquisitiveness to learn and explore, and hence my use of the word “teaching…” is used within the context of guiding and assisting a natural-born learner.




July 8, 2011

Basketball Thematic Unit & Study – St Aiden’s Homeschool | CurrClick

Basketball Thematic Unit & Study – St Aiden’s Homeschool | CurrClick.




Send summer fun into extra innings with these basketball activities for kids. But for you, the parent, a little about the history. Of course you will explain, describe and debate with your children in a manner which is appropriate to their age.

This thematic unit is suitable for early and more advanced learners, and for a theme within your homeschool classroom. Use the activities to enhance inter alia alphabet and number skills, motor skills, reading, writing and word recognition.

Included in this unit are:


Alphabet Flash Cards

Number Cards

Concentration Cards

Calendar Pieces


Basketball Activities, including making a player bio, trading cards and more.

Basketball Addition

Basketball Vocabulary

Alphabet flash cards

Baseball games.

Resource Guide for Teachers and Parents


Basketball Sticker fun!

Acrostic Poem

Skip Counting

What’s the Definition?

How many? Counting activity

Coloring Pages, and more.

June 15, 2011

Back-to-the-Beach Sale #Currclick #Homeschool #Curriculum #Education

Back-to-the-Beach Sale.


Currclick Promotions and Freebies



Currclick on Facebook


Currclick on Twitter




June 16, 2010

Website Updates St Aiden’s Homeschool

Dear Friends, Subscribers & customers,

Thank you for downloading one or more of our products at either our website or from!

This is one of two emails – and I apologize in advance if the 1st one did in fact go through, apparently it did not. This is a preview of new unit studies recently uploaded. As always the unit study prices have been kept to an affordable $4,95, unless otherwise stipulated. On the website the units are free. Notwithstanding this, if this mail is successful, a further mail will be sent out with specific new free downloads! Please bear with me.

Come with me to Africa

I am hoping in the next day or two to have our FIFA World Cup Printable/interactive Unit Study iploaded and published – this in itself is 35 printable unit studies in one, with each unit being spread over a week. Bonuses are appropriate recipe books for Mom, craft projects, full schedules and teams and more. Interactive activities make this a MUST!

Hopefully my email will be successful this time , I do apologise for dysfunctional and erratic mails – we are working on resolving the technical issues J

Have a beautiful week . Please remember that printables and ebooks, teaching resources etc. are still available for free on St Aiden’s website.

Blessings on your Homeschooling Journey


St Aiden’s Homeschool at Currclick

You may not care how much I know, but you don’t know how much I care.”

The information is presented language that can be geared towards older or younger students. The language and terminology as is is thus suitable for around Grades 4-5, but with discussion and explanation it is suitable for younger learners. Older learners will be able to study the information and complete the activities with a minimum of assistance. The Activities, Comprehension and Revision exercises are ranged from young learners to older learners.

To cover all elementary age groups I have also included crossword puzzles, word-searches, lesson plans, crafts and activities for the range Pre-K upwards. Particularly for the kindergarten/grades 1-2 age groups I have included squirrel thematic printables that can be used in a classroom theme or Homeschool room setting.

Teaching Guides, Lesson Plans and ideas, as well as the geography, history & location of the very many species of these beautiful creatures, many of which are endangered, have been included.

Simple & healthy snacks and recipes are sure to delight any child (and adult), while riddles, songs and finger plays, Squirrel Games complete the early learning thematic unit. A special section on learning/teaching Haiku is a fun inclusion in this unit.

This book is on the topic of ‘Ants’ with the target audience being those who are 6-13 years old. The project will cover many species of ants, (and a few other bugs), that children have heard of, or that may be particularly interesting to them. A comprehensive unit study, this book comprises lessons, activities and guides which will assist in providing a complete study of ants in their various forms.

Learning about ants is fun! With a little creativity there is no end to the learning opportunities which may be based around the theme of ants. Maybe it’s their amazing societal structure, feats of strength or ability to survive almost anywhere on the planet that have caused children (and many adults!) to be fascinated by ants.

Learners should be encouraged to record observations. Brief descriptions of the appearance and development of insects, the injury they do, and remedies for the same, will help fix in mind facts which otherwise might soon be forgotten. Drawings, whenever possible, should also be required. The learner who can record observations accurately with drawings will not soon forget them. The pages of this book may be printed and kept in a file-folder together with any notes, drawings or observations made by your child. Pages have been included within this unit study for the recording of such information. By making use of a file-folder you will be able to make use of the unit study for reference purposes and also as a gauge in assessment at a later stage.

This book has been compiled as a result of extensive research and from my own learning experiences and homeschooling journey with my beloved children. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements of homeschooling in your area as each country/State has different requirements. At the end of the book you will find a selection of reports, registers and logs that you can make use of in your homeschooling schedule. I wish you and your family the very best and applaud your decision to home educate your child. After all we, as parents, we around a lot longer than the man-made public education system and who better to teach our children than their parents? May you be blessed in this decision and remember that learning is fun!!

Our gift to you: With this book you will receive a download link for a zip file containing additional mini unit study Notebooks. All files are in PDF format. You will require Winzip (or a similar programme) to unzip the files. The Gift Books are all between around 54 & 70 pages in length.

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