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June 16, 2010

Website Updates St Aiden’s Homeschool

Dear Friends, Subscribers & customers,

Thank you for downloading one or more of our products at either our website or from!

This is one of two emails – and I apologize in advance if the 1st one did in fact go through, apparently it did not. This is a preview of new unit studies recently uploaded. As always the unit study prices have been kept to an affordable $4,95, unless otherwise stipulated. On the website the units are free. Notwithstanding this, if this mail is successful, a further mail will be sent out with specific new free downloads! Please bear with me.

Come with me to Africa

I am hoping in the next day or two to have our FIFA World Cup Printable/interactive Unit Study iploaded and published – this in itself is 35 printable unit studies in one, with each unit being spread over a week. Bonuses are appropriate recipe books for Mom, craft projects, full schedules and teams and more. Interactive activities make this a MUST!

Hopefully my email will be successful this time , I do apologise for dysfunctional and erratic mails – we are working on resolving the technical issues J

Have a beautiful week . Please remember that printables and ebooks, teaching resources etc. are still available for free on St Aiden’s website.

Blessings on your Homeschooling Journey


St Aiden’s Homeschool at Currclick

You may not care how much I know, but you don’t know how much I care.”

The information is presented language that can be geared towards older or younger students. The language and terminology as is is thus suitable for around Grades 4-5, but with discussion and explanation it is suitable for younger learners. Older learners will be able to study the information and complete the activities with a minimum of assistance. The Activities, Comprehension and Revision exercises are ranged from young learners to older learners.

To cover all elementary age groups I have also included crossword puzzles, word-searches, lesson plans, crafts and activities for the range Pre-K upwards. Particularly for the kindergarten/grades 1-2 age groups I have included squirrel thematic printables that can be used in a classroom theme or Homeschool room setting.

Teaching Guides, Lesson Plans and ideas, as well as the geography, history & location of the very many species of these beautiful creatures, many of which are endangered, have been included.

Simple & healthy snacks and recipes are sure to delight any child (and adult), while riddles, songs and finger plays, Squirrel Games complete the early learning thematic unit. A special section on learning/teaching Haiku is a fun inclusion in this unit.

This book is on the topic of ‘Ants’ with the target audience being those who are 6-13 years old. The project will cover many species of ants, (and a few other bugs), that children have heard of, or that may be particularly interesting to them. A comprehensive unit study, this book comprises lessons, activities and guides which will assist in providing a complete study of ants in their various forms.

Learning about ants is fun! With a little creativity there is no end to the learning opportunities which may be based around the theme of ants. Maybe it’s their amazing societal structure, feats of strength or ability to survive almost anywhere on the planet that have caused children (and many adults!) to be fascinated by ants.

Learners should be encouraged to record observations. Brief descriptions of the appearance and development of insects, the injury they do, and remedies for the same, will help fix in mind facts which otherwise might soon be forgotten. Drawings, whenever possible, should also be required. The learner who can record observations accurately with drawings will not soon forget them. The pages of this book may be printed and kept in a file-folder together with any notes, drawings or observations made by your child. Pages have been included within this unit study for the recording of such information. By making use of a file-folder you will be able to make use of the unit study for reference purposes and also as a gauge in assessment at a later stage.

This book has been compiled as a result of extensive research and from my own learning experiences and homeschooling journey with my beloved children. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements of homeschooling in your area as each country/State has different requirements. At the end of the book you will find a selection of reports, registers and logs that you can make use of in your homeschooling schedule. I wish you and your family the very best and applaud your decision to home educate your child. After all we, as parents, we around a lot longer than the man-made public education system and who better to teach our children than their parents? May you be blessed in this decision and remember that learning is fun!!

Our gift to you: With this book you will receive a download link for a zip file containing additional mini unit study Notebooks. All files are in PDF format. You will require Winzip (or a similar programme) to unzip the files. The Gift Books are all between around 54 & 70 pages in length.


December 26, 2009

Safe, Magical and Happy Holidays to You from St Aiden’s Homeschool

Hello to Fellow Homeschoolers Friends and Colleagues,

First and foremost I write to wish you Safe, Happy and Magical Holiday Blessings and to thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter update.

Our Christmas Day is over, while in the Northern Hemisphere many of my friends, family and acquaintances are still celebrating with family and loved ones.  I also wish to thank you for your patronage throughout the last year.

I did send out an email on Friday 24 December 2009, but I think it got lost in Santa’s mailbox somewhere along the line because I never received my copy which means that no one else received theirs probably either…. Please accept my apologies in advance if this is a technical glitch and you get this email more than once.

St Aiden’s Homeschool has been updated with hundreds of new printables and downloads which can be accessed from the Activities Page, and also the Home Page.  There are literally far too many to mention but cover activities, celebrations and events over this December/January season. Please feel free to browse around and download whichever materials you feel will benefit you or someone you know.  January 2010 will see another massive increase in free resources, so I look forward to sharing those with you.

This is NOT a regular email comprising mainly of website updates, but also to inform those of you who did not already know that while the resources on the website sre available for free download, I do actually have extremely comprehensive units published by traditional and POD publishers.

I have been very happy to be a part of all of Currclick’s major promotions, and also to be have been in aposition to offer 5 star rated ebooks and unit studies for free downloads.  I aim to continue providing these top quality products during the next year.  Judging by the massive amounts of email I receive, the reviews and external website links, I know that the products are fulfilling your needs. I only wish I had more hours in the day to create more and provide more information. There is so much research to be done and to be had and I get terribly excited when compiling my ebooks. *smiles*

Just in case and to cut a long story incredibly short, I have a new catalogue of ebooks, unit studies and activity books with teaching resources that I have been working on and will be uploaded in the New Year.  Out with the Old and In with the New, what I have decided to do is to discount absolutely every one of my titles** to the value of $2.50 – in some instances that is a reduction of up to $17 and more.  (Where the initial value was more than $2.50)

The discounted price includes the new “Boxed” Educational Gift Packages which are choc-full of activities, books, audio files and teaching resoures.  I am enjoying focusing on including audio resources into my units, and the feedback has been phenomenal. Hopefully soon audio will be a standard addition to the majority of my packages.

**Although the prices have been adjusted for Bundle products, these have NOT been reduced to $2.50 for obvious reasons. The individual units have however been reduced.

This discounted event of St Aiden’s Homeschool is live until midnight 31 December 2009 whereafter which prices will revert, old titles will be replaced with new, new units will be uploaded and a whole host of new subjects for all grades covered.

I invite you to take a look at all of our many products, reads the reviews and for the price of $2.50 I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.  Where prices have been lower than that in any event those figures remain the same, no adjustment.

Would love feedback so shout if there are any questions, comments, or constructive criticism. 

Please remember that the resources on St Aiden’s remain free of charge – and will continue to be provided to loyal subscribers for free. Occasionally I will notify subscribers by email of a Publisher Product that I and my Publisher are offering as a free download – THESE are NOT freely available on the website so keep a lookout for these units, they really are worthwhile additions to any homeschool/teacher collection

In 2010 Our New Look Catalogue Titles, where possible will include Boxed Gift Packs, such as the one depicted here.  I am very excited about the presentation, quality and content of the packages and know you will be too 🙂  Preview this particular pack here

The Little Match Girl Mega Activity Gift Box The Little Match Girl Audio File MP3 The Little Match Girl Activity Pack and Teaching Resources

With Blessings to you and yours for a fabulously magical happy and safe Holiday Season

See you again in the new Year

Best wishes always


St Aidens Homeschool

St Aiden’s Homeschool on Currclick

October 23, 2009

St Aidens Homeschool ~ New Downloads :)

The following sections of the website have been updated with new fun, free and educational activities.  Most sections include new eBooks, downloadable jigsaw puzzles, PreK-5 “themed” printables and Teaching/Parent resources, as well as interactive (and printables) crossword puzzles ~ Enjoy!!









Solar System


New printables have been added to Halloween and Thanksgiving as well.  You are welcome to download any or all of the files, which include full Activity Books and Unit Studies.  I’m working on Insects and animals individually again so not all of those pages include the beautiful new puzzles, printables and downloads.  I’ll let you know as I go along 🙂

For up to date info our October and November Events and Lesson Plans Pages contain links to further resources.

St Aiden’s Homeschool

October 6, 2009

St Aiden’s Homeschool ~ New Updates and Downloads :)

I have added new sections and additional pages to a lot of sections within the site.  In Keeping with the October Educators’ Calendar I focus on the following sections:
October is Fire Safety Month in commemoration of the Great Fire of Chicago that occurred on 08/09 October 1871.  In addition to literally hundreds of free printable educational activities, Staying Alive provides a full FREE curriculum, and game download which you can access from the Fire Safety page of our site…. Colouring and Activity books are available within this section and you are invited to download any or all of the resources.
Columbus Day pages have been updated and include additional activities available for download.
Grade K-4 Themes have been updated and most now also include self-extracting interactive jigsaw puzzles that you can download to your own PC… My kids (and I) have enormous fun with these.
You might be interested to have a look at
Fairies ~ this was fun 😀 ~ and there’s a link to download THE cutest little tooth Fairy Unit Study 🙂
for additional thematic printables, lesson plans, free PDF ebooks and activities, most notably some really lovely Full Collectors’ items digitally reconstructed and preserved Classic Books.
On 21 October “Apple Day” is celebrated in the USA. I have put together an interesting collection of “Apple Activities” including a Classic eBook, Apple Pie by Kate Greenway, specially for little people – another must for your Classic Collection.
Two highly recommended books can be downloaded on the homeschooling pages.  The one is Charlotte Mason’s “Homeschool” – a Homeschool Classic, and the other is “Becoming a Homeschool Professor”.  Both are “must-have’s” in your homeschooling library.
I have been busy working on “Learning Disabilities” pages since this is also recognised and highlighted in October.  The sections I have thus far researched are ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.  These will hopefully be up by the next update along with free ebooks for parents/educators, and activities specifically designed for learners with these challenges.
There have been a number of additions to our “Family Resources” section, and you are invited to browse the pages and download any or all of the resources you feel may benefit you.
That’s it for this update.
I do hope that you will find something of interest to you and your children.  Just a reminder that there are printables and ebooks in almost every single section of the website, with thousands of pages I cannot get through them all here so rather focus on new updates, while incorporating other activities.
As always I welcome input, comments and constructive criticism.  I appreciate all feedback and do try to respond to everyone who mails me. I love hearing from you – I really especially love to hear about what you would like to see up on the site, so you are very welcome to send in your suggestions.
Have a safe and blessed week
Until next time
Warm Wishes
Donnette E Davis
St Aiden’s Homeschool

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a
present and not giving it.” ~ William Arthur Ward

September 24, 2009

St Aiden’s Homeschool, New Activities, Subscriber Exclusive

Time for a quick website update.  Again I’ll make it very brief with links to the pages that have been updated with new activities, printables and information.

Our Solar System pages see new activity books and info for each of our planets, as well as links ot other really great resources.
We are still finding our way into Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and have added yet more printable activities to our Spring pages.
Johnny Appleseed’s birthday is celebrated on 26 September, and for this event we have lots of Apple Activities, lesson plans, the full story of John Appleseed, in text and audio, available for you to download.
Similarly our Science pages have some great new printables, downloads and exciting experiements for little people.
Volcanoes is an ongoing project with some great printables for download.
There are activities for all age groups.  Our constantly updated educators’ calendar of historical events, celebrations and occasions provides lesson plans & activities/resources per month.  Since new events are discovered or come across regularly this is and will remain a work in progress 🙂
Subscriber’s Exclusive Download – Value $9.95
halloween mega activity cover
Halloween is just over a month away and while we have literally dozens of printables available on the Halloween pages, one of our titles is not readily available from the site.  As a thank you for your support I would like to offer this 117 Page Halloween Activity Ebook to you as a free download from my Publisher’s website. (The download link will come via your email inbox).  This product will only be available for free download for the next week so please download asap if you intend to do that.
Included are Halloween themed phonics, numbers and counting, lacing, colouring, finger plays and more. Ideally suited for younger children.  Enjoy 🙂
Celebrate the annual Fright Night with these fun (and not so scary) ideas, especially for young children. There are even more great fun ideas here.

1. Try your hand at face painting, or allow your children to paint their own faces with washable face paints.

2. Make your own goodie bags. Set out some brown paper bags with the standard art supplies or embellish an old pillowcase with fabric paints. You can even spring for blank canvas baggies from your local discount store or craft store without spending a lot.

3. Tie dye some T shirts or socks using orange and black fabric dyes.

4. Make ghosts. Fold a piece of black construction paper in half and let your child squirt white paint inside. Squish the paint, let dry, then embellish the white ghost with paints, markers and other craft supplies.

5. Watch a Halloween movie. Make popcorn, cuddle up together in blankets, and take in some spooky cinematic sights. Harry Potter, Dracula, or Ghostbusters are great choices. For younger children, choose Heffalump Halloween, starring Winnie the Pooh or The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad by Disney Classics.

6. Eat creepy cuisine. Cut sandwiches or tortillas into Halloween shapes with cookie cutters. Create a ghoulish look with almost anything by mixing in a little green or red food coloring.

7. Play “Guess How Many Pumpkin Seeds.” Each family member or party guest gets to take turns guessing how many pumpkin seeds are in a jar. The winner gets a prize.

During this time I urge parents and caregivers of children to exercise extreme caution, please take a moment to read Halloween Safety for Children.
With Blessings for your Educational Journey
Donnette Davis
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September 6, 2009

St Aiden’s Homeschool ~ Website Updates

It’s been a while since I sent out a newsletter update about new additions to St Aiden’s Homeschool.

First and foremost I would like to thank the very many new subscribers for joining the list and again thank everyone for taking the time to read this post.

Without going into seriously long descriptions of each page or section update I will post links to a number of pages where new activities, downloads and resources can be found, for educators, parents and students, and again as in the past highlight those pages that constantly contain new eBooks and activities.  Because of the large number of updates I am going to keep descriptions very brief in this update and focus on links to pages 🙂

Starting off with our Educator’s Calendar for September, on this page there are a list of events, commemmorations, celebrations, anniversaries and fun days.  Clicking on a live link will open up a separate page.  Because I did not send out an update for August, you may well be interested in having a look at the Educator’s Calendar for August since there are a number of new ‘additions” there, and within the pages are hundreds of additional activities.

Specifically there are updates (and new eBooks and activities for you to download) in the following sections as well:

Fruit and Veggies – More Matters Month (lots of brilliant Products here for Parents)

Spring Day (Southern Hemisphere) Traditional

Theodore Roosevelt, free Bio & Printables

Wizard of Oz Download the Full eBook

Henry Hudson Free Bio & Printables

Grandparents Day New Printables 🙂


Fun Science Printables & eBooks

Johnny Appleseed new Printables relating to Johnny Appleseed & Apple Activities

Alphabet Activities & eBooks

New Activity Books Sections

Pre-K Arts & Crafts eBooks for Parents

Family and Parenting eBooks

As always this site is constantly being updated, and as I make way for new sections  and do away with old I may lose some links. If you do find broken links please let me know so that I can remedy that.

Since the September Activity Calendar has not yet been fully populated and the activities uploaded I will be sending out another Mail update shortly with that information.

Once again I thank you for taking the time to read this message. I wish all our members in the USA a Happy Labor Day for 7 September.

Feedback, constructive criticism and comments are always welcome.

Feel free to share this newsletter in part or whole with anyone you feel may benefit from any of the products that are available from the site.

With blessings for your educational Journey

Donnette E Davis

St Aiden’s Homeschool

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