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January 3, 2014

#LimitedTime #Free 100+ New Year Math #Worksheets #Freebies

100+ New Year Themed Math Puzzles, Gr1-4 #Worksheets #Freebies | St Aiden’s Homeschool.


100 new year themed math puzzles st aidens homeschool and currclick

#Freebies #Homeschool #Education

133 Pages of 100+ math puzzles, worksheets, games and counting tables,  suited to Grades 1 to 4, but can be used for different age groups, depending on the learner’s literacy fluency.



June 12, 2013

October 23, 2009

St Aidens Homeschool ~ New Downloads :)

The following sections of the website have been updated with new fun, free and educational activities.  Most sections include new eBooks, downloadable jigsaw puzzles, PreK-5 “themed” printables and Teaching/Parent resources, as well as interactive (and printables) crossword puzzles ~ Enjoy!!









Solar System


New printables have been added to Halloween and Thanksgiving as well.  You are welcome to download any or all of the files, which include full Activity Books and Unit Studies.  I’m working on Insects and animals individually again so not all of those pages include the beautiful new puzzles, printables and downloads.  I’ll let you know as I go along 🙂

For up to date info our October and November Events and Lesson Plans Pages contain links to further resources.

St Aiden’s Homeschool

August 25, 2009

Browse: Free Downloads – 3587 Free Products for Teachers & #Homeschool

Browse: Free Downloads – An empowering place where teachers buy & sell original and used teaching materials and make teaching an even more rewarding experience. I have browsed this site and the products.

Not only are there 3587 FREE products to download which will be beneficial to teachers, parents and homeschool famililes, but there are literally thousands of really inexpensive and affordable digital products.

Well worth a visit to this site.  You may have to register an account to purchase.

As an educator/Teacher, you can also register to sell your own products.  Lovely site!

Here are a few of the Free Products from the page

Product Name Graphic Organizers to Support Strategic Reading Instruction

Description Summary This is the first three chapters of a book I’ve written titled Graphic Organizers to Support Strategic Reading Instruction. This free document contain Full product description >

Product Name Classroom Timesavers

Description Summary This is a collection of often-used classroom forms and helpers that will definitely help you as a teacher in your language, mathematics, report card w Full product description >

Product Name ABC Learning from

Description Summary This product provides a variety of lesson ideas for pre-K through sencond grade produced by Our goal is to engage students in a f Full product description >

Product Name Look How I’ve Grown (a portfolio of my kindergarten year)

Description Summary This is a 19 page booklet you photocopy and staple at the beginning of the year. You have children perform a few beginning of year assessments, then Full product description >

Product Name Downloadable Fall Leaves Cut and Paste Art Project Pattern Packet

Description Summary Paper, Scissors, Kids Cut and Paste Pattern Packets, offer heartwarming and colorful art activities that will brighten your classroom bulletin boards Full product description >

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