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June 8, 2010

CurrClick – St Aiden’s Homeschool #Curriculum in a click! Free & Affordable, lapbooks #homeschooling -New Products #Educator Gift Packs

CurrClick – St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa – – Curriculum in a click! Affordable curriculum, lapbooks, and homeschooling resources.

Squirrels, Comprehensive Unit Study with Lesson Plans & Teacher Guide

Ants, a Comprehensive Unit Study & Teaching Guide/Activity Book

Homeschooling From the Heart - Comprehensive Guide for Parents (Plus GIFT Bundle

St Aiden’s Homeschool has uploaded some exceptional new units HUGE as well – FIFA World Cup 2010 will be available in a day or two – this is a MASSIVE gift box of puzzles, workbooks, teaching notes and resources, activity sheets and more and covers ALL age groups (and all teams) -and gives am outline to south african history, the history of the FIFA World Cup, key countries.. etc.. jam-packed with activities yes, even dads!! 😛 )

Just as an aside I collected my daughter from what used to be Durban International Airport before 6 am Monday morning, it was pitch dark and since it is a trip I make more regularly than I care to admit, I thought it odd that it was dark, no planes, no traffic.. helloooooooooooo what’s happening.. only to be re-directed by security there (in the dark(head internally sceaming ummm SECURITY???) – 3 kids sleeping in the car) that uhh- noooooooo all flights have been re-directed to King Shaka International Airport -> some 80 kilometres UP the KwaZuluNatal North Coast – hyperventilating here #RunningOutOfTime… get to VERULAM/TONGAAT PRONTO!

On our way to King Shaka International Airport, which ranks amongst some of the finest I have seen in the world, and let me tell you there have been MANY – we happened to drive right beside the FIFA 2010 Durban World Cup Soccer Stadium as the sun was rising on our right… Could not stop to take pictures, but apparently Portugal (A favourite team my daughter from Dubai – and my reason for this ridiculously long trip – tells me – she says they’re HAWT – is playing there on Sunday… )

Pictures were taken of the stadium from moving car on freeway by Savannah (with cell phone) of Durban WC Soccer Stadium….  South Africa – even though we know these Stadiums are yet to be paid for and the problems that have gone along with getting them fnished – I can say this with all honesty – TODAY I AM PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN!!! Way to Go!!  Will post pics soon as I upload them 🙂

Anyway on to the reason for this post:


New and HUGE units, as always jam-packed with activities, worksheets, adaaptable for younger and older learners, teaching notes and resources, puzzles, fun pages, not-so-fun pages (WELL! WE DO HAVE TO LEARN and write and read don’t we 🙂 ) and fingerplays, songs, rhymes, copywork for little folks…

A few of the new titles… Watch out for the FIFA 2010 World Cup Educators’ Gift Pack in the next day or two, that is HUGE and because today I’m feeling proudly South African (Does not happen too often – well it never happens at ALL really) I’m going to price it at our normally extremely low rates despite the software, manuals etc that are contained. Mums – watch our for a traditional South African Cookbook I have compiled for you using MY favourite recipes.. there’ll be something for everyone…  Have fun 😛

Squirrels, Comprehensive Unit Study with Lesson Plans & Teacher Guide


Ants, a Comprehensive Unit Study & Teaching Guide/Activity Book


Homeschooling From the Heart – Comprehensive Guide for Parents (Plus GIFT Bundle


Haiti & Earthquake Homeschool Educator’s Pack



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